Tea and Herbal Extracts

The strong positioning of black and green tea beverages has allowed the successful entry into the market of new varieties well known and appreciated in other regions of the world such as Japanese Matcha tea, Chinese Oolong, and South African Rooibos.

Today, however, tea is not the only alternative to sugary beverages: a significant amount of herbs known for their multiple functional benefits, are giving rise to a new generation of soft drinks with a very marked healthy halo. This is how finding a drink with moringa or turmeric is becoming more and more common.

In La Tour, you will find natural extracts that will round off your product’s profile with subtle aromatic notes and allow you to enter the global trend of clean labeling. The rigorous selection of our raw materials and the deep knowledge about the source of the plant material added to our expertise in biotechnology are the guarantee to an excellent quality and performance product.

Find the variety of tea or herbal extract you need, in liquid or powder form, for applications ranging from the food industry to the cosmetics industry.

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