The confectionery is appealing to sensory experiences as its main strategy to maintain the interest of young consumers. The combination of flavors and colors, the contrasts of textures and the inclusion of sensations such as cold and spicy are evident themes in the latest international launches of the brands.

On the other hand, the adult consumer in his eagerness to take care of himself is inclined towards products without sugar, especially in chewing gums, being necessary more elaborated, lasting and intense flavors, that can hide possible residuals coming from the sweeteners of high intensity that substitute the sucrose. Over time, the presence of fruits, natural extracts and vitamins in these products will become more common and will certainly help improve the image of this category.

Dairy and Ice Cream

The search for pleasure is part of the indulgent canons that most consumers want to include as emotional and pleasant reward in the dairy and ice cream they consume. Thus, the diversification of flavors and sensations is linked to the consumption experience, which functions as a differentiating factor in this fascinating category.

The combination of fruit, cream, and dairy profiles contrasts very well with acid, sweet and salty sensations, attributes that in perfect harmony, round the profile in an ice cream, dessert or milk drink.

A high reduction in the percentages of sugar, salt and fat is also evident in the new releases, however, these reductions are contrasted with the inclusion of fruit pulp, vitamins, and minerals, probiotics and protein, all features that combined with winning profiles in flavor, make the products to fit in the new and emerging trends.

In La Tour we have for you a portfolio of flavors and ingredients specially designed to obtain innovative products, with which you will be able to enchant and captivate your consumers.

Non Alcoholic Beverages

The beverage market has been undergoing an incredible transformation in recent years, driven by health trends, practicality, and the search for new experiences. The market has changed: soft drinks are no longer the queens of twenty years ago; instead, alternatives perceived by the consumer as healthier have appeared and have been gaining more and more strength. Alongside tea drinks and fruit juices, categories such as vegetable juices and fermented beverages have seen an explosion in sales in recent years in the United States, becoming interesting opportunities to explore.

At La Tour we have everything to help make your new beverage development a success. Our Marketing department is constantly monitoring the latest global beverage trends and our flavorists and development engineers do a continuous job of creating new flavors and extracts that are at the forefront of the market.

Alcoholic Beverages

Today’s consumer takes more care of excessive alcohol intake and focuses instead on living pleasant sensory experiences. Along with the classic beverages: wine, whisky, rum or tequila, and their characteristic profiles, new products have made their entry, with citrus and fruit notes, and lower alcohol content. Fermented beverages, with or without alcohol, offer another alternative, for those seeking different experiences, with a healthier connotation.

Enclosing all the attributes that positively mark the tastes of the consumer is the desire that motivates us to work constantly in the development of different flavor collections. We have a wide range of liquored, woody, citrus and fruit profiles, and a collection of fermented extracts that will allow you to generate great taste experience through innovative products. 


Consumers are looking for a more tasteful experience to satisfy the desire for pleasurable foods. This evolved lifestyle leads to the search for baked goods, a healthy food source combined with indulgent tastes. This is how this industry has been concerned to implement innovative features in their products, both in the design and in the formulation and functionality. The appearance of sweet and salty sensations, crunchy and soft in contrast with the addition of natural extracts, dried fruit and functional ingredients such as iron and different vitamins, are increasingly frequent in launches of this category.

In La Tour, we can help you from the creation of the concept to the proper selection of the flavors and ingredients that will guide your progress in this fascinating market.

Cuisine and Snacks

As a memorable experience, consumers are adopting and combining flavors from different cultures around the world in their cooking preferences; the presence of spices, spicy, bittersweet and traditional flavors are increasingly common in recipes and products.

Flavors such as turmeric and ginger are becoming more involved in Western culture due to the strong association with wellness and the functional properties these roots offer. La Tour has integrated the world’s most popular flavors into its portfolio; you will find sauce profiles, meat preparations, ethnic flavors, spices and herbal extracts that will help you create the best culinary preparations and enhance the flavor in your snacks.

The combination of analysis technologies, gastronomy specialists and the expertise of our flavorists, allow us to develop any local flavor according to your needs.

Health and Wellbeing

Consumption habits have been changing as people have greater and better access to the nutritional information of the foods they purchase. Consumers are increasingly aware that a good diet is directly reflected in the harmony between their body, mind and spirit.

In response to this need, different trends emerge across all food and beverage categories. Increasingly we find products on the market that offer value in calorie reduction, fortifications and probiotic and protein additions. New processing methods such as cold brew and fermentation, for example, give the final products additional functional properties.

Our commitment is to deliver ingredients to the industry that contain nutrients of natural origin without sacrificing taste, main purchasing decision by the consumer, promoting a natural and healthy diet in people’s daily lives.

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