Fine Perfumery

The launches in fine perfumery are a reflection of what has been happening in the market and the phenomenon of globalization. For this reason, some of the most important perfume houses have taken the opportunity to constantly improve their most emblematic profiles and innovate taking into account the consumer’s willingness to accept new proposals.

In recent years, the category of fine perfumery has presented an important growth since people are looking for profiles that reflect or highlight personality traits. This means that companies have to adapt to market growth, are agile in creating perfumes inspired by great brands and are constantly looking for olfactory notes that give the characteristic touch to their fragrances.


The cosmetic market is without a doubt one of the most important in the world due to the growth of its trends and the large amount of sales it registers each year.

Consumers in this segment are looking for fragrances with rounded, pleasant and very aromatic profiles. To satisfy this need, manufacturers and suppliers must take on the task of interpreting the true tastes, insights, and expectations of the market, ensuring that the products offered have the greatest impact.

In contrast to this important attribute, there is a strong trend that seeks to give a functional factor to most cosmetic products, by adding innovative formulas and compositions, creating value, differentiation, and recognition in the market.

In La Tour you will find a varied catalogue of fragrances with different aromatic notes, which can be adapted to various types of applications and which, in combination with a portfolio of natural extracts, will enhance the properties and benefits of your products.


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