A fragrance is not only used to give a pleasant smell to a person or environment, fragrances have the effect of arousing emotions and remind you: a person, a city, a hotel, a clothing store, a brand, the smell of the grandparents’ house, Christmas, among other experiences and moments lived.

In La Tour, our perfumers have different technical resources to make the fragrances flow in such a way that the perception in all its phases is coherent; in addition to having analytical equipment, we have at our disposal an endless number of molecules that, when combined in a balanced way, manage to create harmony, an emotional connection and a memorable experience in the users.

Experienced Perfumers

We have trained and qualified perfumers who recognize a wide range of molecules, allowing them to develop fragrances customized to your needs.

State of the art technology

We have highly technological equipment that allows us to create fragrances with solid and outstanding profiles.

Marketing Team

Who is constantly at the vanguard of trends, allowing you to know the aromatic notes that are being accepted worldwide by the consumer.

You can count on La Tour to help you create that differentiated product in the market that will enchant the consumer and achieve the planned results.

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