Consumers are looking for a more tasteful experience to satisfy the desire for pleasurable foods. This evolved lifestyle leads to the search for baked goods, a healthy food source combined with indulgent tastes. This is how this industry has been concerned to implement innovative features in their products, both in the design and in the formulation and functionality. The appearance of sweet and salty sensations, crunchy and soft in contrast with the addition of natural extracts, dried fruit and functional ingredients such as iron and different vitamins, are increasingly frequent in launches of this category.

In La Tour, we can help you from the creation of the concept to the proper selection of the flavors and ingredients that will guide your progress in this fascinating market.

Liquid and Emulsified Flavors

We have a wide liquid flavor portfolio that includes a variety and complete flavor collections, natural flavors, long-lasting aromas, among others.

Powdered and Encapsulated Flavors

Our different technologies allow us to offer products according to the needs of each market.

Encapsulated Vitamins

La Tour has integrated encapsulation expertise and extensive sensory knowledge to create solutions that adjust to your requirements. Find in our portfolio encapsulated iron, thermo resistant vitamin C, caffeine and encapsulated taurine.

Natural Extracts

A rich collection of natural extracts will help you respond to the consumer’s increasingly intense search for innovative and healthy products.

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