Cuisine and Snacks

As a memorable experience, consumers are adopting and combining flavors from different cultures around the world in their cooking preferences; the presence of spices, spicy, bittersweet and traditional flavors are increasingly common in recipes and products.

Flavors such as turmeric and ginger are becoming more involved in Western culture due to the strong association with wellness and the functional properties these roots offer. La Tour has integrated the world’s most popular flavors into its portfolio; you will find sauce profiles, meat preparations, ethnic flavors, spices and herbal extracts that will help you create the best culinary preparations and enhance the flavor in your snacks.

The combination of analysis technologies, gastronomy specialists and the expertise of our flavorists, allow us to develop any local flavor according to your needs.

Liquid and Emulsified Flavors

We have a wide liquid flavor portfolio that includes a variety and complete flavor collections, natural flavors, long-lasting aromas, among others.

Powdered and Encapsulated Flavors

Our different technologies allow us to offer products according to the needs of each market.

Natural Extracts

A rich collection of natural extracts will help you respond to the consumer’s increasingly intense search for innovative and healthy products.

Fermented Extracts

Fermented extracts are probably the next wave in healthy products. Our kombucha extracts with probiotic content will delight your consumer.

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