Dairy and Ice Cream

The search for pleasure is part of the indulgent canons that most consumers want to include as emotional and pleasant reward in the dairy and ice cream they consume. Thus, the diversification of flavors and sensations is linked to the consumption experience, which functions as a differentiating factor in this fascinating category.

The combination of fruit, cream, and dairy profiles contrasts very well with acid, sweet and salty sensations, attributes that in perfect harmony, round the profile in an ice cream, dessert or milk drink.

A high reduction in the percentages of sugar, salt and fat is also evident in the new releases, however, these reductions are contrasted with the inclusion of fruit pulp, vitamins, and minerals, probiotics and protein, all features that combined with winning profiles in flavor, make the products to fit in the new and emerging trends.

In La Tour we have for you a portfolio of flavors and ingredients specially designed to obtain innovative products, with which you will be able to enchant and captivate your consumers.

Liquid and Emulsified Flavors

We have a wide liquid flavor portfolio that includes a variety and complete flavor collections, natural flavors, long-lasting aromas, among others.

Powdered and Encapsulated Flavors

Our different technologies allow us to offer products according to the needs of each market.

Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients

We have dehydrated products in flakes or powder that will provide you with fruit or vegetable content supplying the market needs in an adjusted way.

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