Health and Wellbeing

Consumption habits have been changing as people have greater and better access to the nutritional information of the foods they purchase. Consumers are increasingly aware that a good diet is directly reflected in the harmony between their body, mind and spirit.

In response to this need, different trends emerge across all food and beverage categories. Increasingly we find products on the market that offer value in calorie reduction, fortifications and probiotic and protein additions. New processing methods such as cold brew and fermentation, for example, give the final products additional functional properties.

Our commitment is to deliver ingredients to the industry that contain nutrients of natural origin without sacrificing taste, main purchasing decision by the consumer, promoting a natural and healthy diet in people’s daily lives.

Liquid and Emulsified Flavors

We have a wide liquid flavor portfolio that includes a variety and complete flavor collections, natural flavors, long-lasting aromas, among others.

Powdered and Encapsulated Flavors

Our different technologies allow us to offer products according to the needs of each market.

Natural Extracts

A rich collection of natural extracts will help you respond to the consumer’s increasingly intense search for innovative and healthy products.

Fermented Extracts

Fermented extracts are probably the next wave in healthy products. Our kombucha extracts with probiotic content will delight your consumer.

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