House Holds Products

Different interactions with the environment and spaces are managed at home, key factors in the generation of memorable aromatic experiences for consumers. Finding products with a balance between their smells and their functionality is one of the biggest challenges of this market.

Innovative solutions are increasingly common to aromatize homes; the use of diverse products such as air fresheners for spaces and textiles, candles, oils, and aromatic pastes is increasingly common. Consumers want each space of their home to have a characteristic smell, a fragrance that gives it personality and status according to the experiences created and the specific needs.

In La Tour you will find a wide selection of functional fragrances with citrus, fruit, floral and woody profiles, which can be used in different aromatic solutions immersed in household products, generating emotions and solid experiences around cleanliness, tranquility, relaxation, and plenitude.

Functional Fragrances

The different technologies we have allow us to develop custom fragrances for personal care and household products.

Solutions in Scent marketing

Our perfumers will be able to create fragrances that adapt totally to the concept of your brand, reinforcing it and projecting it.

Alcoholic Fragrances

We have a complete portfolio, with a range of citrus, fruit and woody fragrances perfect to expand your portfolio.

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