Non Alcoholic Beverages

The beverage market has been undergoing an incredible transformation in recent years, driven by health trends, practicality, and the search for new experiences. The market has changed: soft drinks are no longer the queens of twenty years ago; instead, alternatives perceived by the consumer as healthier have appeared and have been gaining more and more strength. Alongside tea drinks and fruit juices, categories such as vegetable juices and fermented beverages have seen an explosion in sales in recent years in the United States, becoming interesting opportunities to explore.

At La Tour we have everything to help make your new beverage development a success. Our Marketing department is constantly monitoring the latest global beverage trends and our flavorists and development engineers do a continuous job of creating new flavors and extracts that are at the forefront of the market.

Powdered and Encapsulated Flavors

Our different technologies allow us to offer products according to the needs of each market.

Natural Extracts

A rich collection of natural extracts will help you respond to the consumer’s increasingly intense search for innovative and healthy products.

Fermented Extracts

Fermented extracts are probably the next wave in healthy products. Our kombucha extracts with probiotic content will delight your consumer.

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