Scent Marketing

As an additional tool to conventional marketing strategies, Scent Marketing is being adopted by different brands to position and communicate; using the senses (in particular smell) to stimulate the consumer, directly influencing their behavior and purchasing decisions. Those who use it claim to have an important impact on their sales and the perception of their products and services.

The olfactory memory has a greater capacity of remembrance than the visual memory since it links emotions and experiences in a more effective way. Different commercial establishments such as clothing stores, hotels and spas include olfactory marketing in their marketing and communication strategies, as an effective and profitable complement to their traditional marketing strategies.

In La Tour we can design fragrances suitable to your brand, making a positive impact on your customers in different locations or points of sale.

Functional Fragrances

The different technologies we have allow us to develop custom fragrances for personal care and household products.

Solutions in Scent marketing

Our perfumers will be able to create fragrances that adapt totally to the concept of your brand, reinforcing it and projecting it.

Alcoholic Fragrances

We have a complete portfolio, with a range of citrus, fruit and woody fragrances perfect to expand your portfolio.

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