The confectionery is appealing to sensory experiences as its main strategy to maintain the interest of young consumers. The combination of flavors and colors, the contrasts of textures and the inclusion of sensations such as cold and spicy are evident themes in the latest international launches of the brands.

On the other hand, the adult consumer in his eagerness to take care of himself is inclined towards products without sugar, especially in chewing gums, being necessary more elaborated, lasting and intense flavors, that can hide possible residuals coming from the sweeteners of high intensity that substitute the sucrose. Over time, the presence of fruits, natural extracts and vitamins in these products will become more common and will certainly help improve the image of this category.

Liquid and Emulsified Flavors

We have a wide liquid flavor portfolio that includes a variety and complete flavor collections, natural flavors, long-lasting aromas, among others.

Powdered and Encapsulated Flavors

Our different technologies allow us to offer products according to the needs of each market.

Trigeminal Sensations

Our expert technicians have managed to develop sensation capsules that will allow you to innovate in the market, incorporating cold, spicy, hyper acidic, hot or salty particles in any application.

Encapsulated Vitamins

La Tour has integrated encapsulation expertise and extensive sensory knowledge to create solutions that adjust to your requirements. Find in our portfolio encapsulated iron, thermo resistant vitamin C, caffeine and encapsulated taurine.

Encapsulated Fruits

Learn about one of our most important encapsulation technologies, called Flakefruit®.

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