Cosmetic Maquilas

With our line of cosmetic maquilas we can generate value to our customers, through our advice on formulations and development of impactful products that are positioned in the consumers’ minds.

Co-creation as part of our DNA, allows us to build custom-made concepts, seeking differentiation and innovation in the market. We have the facilities, adjustments and certification of cosmetics production capacity, together with high standards in production processes and quality, technological capabilities and flexibility.

We offer our clients three business possibilities: exclusive development, product created by La Tour and product manufacturing agreement only. Learn more here (download brochure).

Liquid and Emulsion Flavors

Our experience of more than sixty-five years allows us to offer liquid and emulsion flavors adapted to the needs of different food industries. We have a wide portfolio and technologies that allow us to provide the flavor you are looking for in the optimal way for your particular use.



Flavors in Powder and Encapsulates

Our rigorous innovation processes have allowed the development of powdered and encapsulated flavors adjusted to the requirements of different applications in the market. With the use of advanced techniques and technologies we can encapsulate flavors, scents and sensations in products with outstanding performances, offering value and differentiation in the development of concepts and products for the current consumer.

La Tour has developed more than 5 encapsulation technologies that will allow you to diversify your portfolio and continue positioning your brand in the product category you want.

Masking Agents

Following the healthy trends, the consumer is demanding innovative products with benefits for his health and well-being, before this, the food industry is including new raw materials that possess an endless number of properties and contribute different benefits for the consumers, however, some of these raw materials can have residual flavors not desired by the final consumer, which can generate a low acceptance of the products in the market.

Our technical team has evaluated a wide variety of unwanted residual flavors in different food product lines, identifying molecules and compounds that disguise and mask this problem, which we make available to you.

Natural Extracts

Living a healthy life has become the main objective of new consumer generations. This important trend has promoted the emergence of a wide range of products from botanical, vegetable and floral sources that are revolutionizing the international market.

La Tour is able to turn into reality the product you have in mind, no matter if it is flavored water with mint extract or an energy drink with Amazonian fruit extracts.

Our Research and Development team has excellent knowledge of physical and enzymatic extraction techniques, which allows us to have a wide range of natural extracts. In addition, we have a group of application professionals who will be able to support you in the development of your projects in an agile and efficient way, always considering the latest market trends.

Solutions in Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is being implemented in different types of businesses to increase recall, create positive associations between the brand and product, and influence consumer’s buying intention. This can be implemented through different products such as candles, soaps, diffusers and sprays.

At La Tour S.A. development technicians and quality, personnel are constantly trained to improve their organoleptic skills. Our perfumers are able to create essences that reflect the personality of brands and their products, positively influencing sales and the ability to remember in consumers. In addition, it has specialized equipment and rigorous control tests that contribute to the fulfillment of product quality standards.

Functional Fragrances

Generate experiences, impact and identity, are significant elements for people when choosing the fragrance that scent their homes, cars, clothes and workplaces. Therefore, having functional products that encapsulate or neutralize unwanted odors and release pleasant aromas, has become the main factor in the purchase decision of consumers.

At La Tour we develop fragrances with profiles that adapt to the needs and requirements of the market. We have a specialized team, which is in constant research of trends and alternatives to create effective and impacting olfactory solutions, according to the standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Alcoholic Fragrances

Worldwide the big perfume houses rule the market with their releases, the floral and sweet are two of the most used notes in the world for women perfumes, in case of men perfumes, you can detect uses of notes such as Vanilla, Cinnamon and Citrus, in their exit notes.

Our perfumers are trained in a wide range of aromatic molecules including essential oils from different origins and are constantly researching new molecules, in addition, we have the necessary equipment to extract and identify the aromatics present in the product you want, the combination of technology and human talent are merged to make fragrances to your specifications.

Fruits and Vegetables Ingredients

In recent years, there have been many developments of new products driven by health-conscious consumers who seek to satisfy their needs with food that tastes good and brings well-being to their bodies. Companies that incorporate fruits and vegetables into their brands are succeeding and preferred by customers.

Experience in encapsulation technologies and organoleptic expertise in flavors have allowed La Tour to develop dehydration techniques for fruits and vegetables that preserve the fresh taste, smell and natural color of the original plant material very well. We have dehydrated products in flakes or powder that will provide you with fruit or vegetable content, supplying the market’s needs in an adjusted way.

Encapsulated Vitamins and Minerals

More and more consumers consider that food has a direct influence on well-being and relate physical and emotional health in a direct way. This has fostered a growing interest in acquiring foods rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which help to avoid stress or insomnia and improve mood; thus enabling this market to offer functional solutions that satisfy these needs. The use of fortification to add value to different products and give a distinctive character between brands is fundamental when formulating food.

Iron, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, caffeine and micronutrients in general, generate changes in the final product, bitter tastes, metallic residuals, fat oxidation, color changes or loss of functionality are some of the inconveniences that may arise. La Tour has integrated encapsulation expertise and extensive sensory knowledge to create solutions that meet your requirements. Find in our portfolio encapsulated iron, thermo resistant vitamin C, caffeine and encapsulated taurine.

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