Encapsulated Vitamins and Minerals

More and more consumers consider that food has a direct influence on well-being and relate physical and emotional health in a direct way. This has fostered a growing interest in acquiring foods rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which help to avoid stress or insomnia and improve mood; thus enabling this market to offer functional solutions that satisfy these needs. The use of fortification to add value to different products and give a distinctive character between brands is fundamental when formulating food.

Iron, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, caffeine and micronutrients in general, generate changes in the final product, bitter tastes, metallic residuals, fat oxidation, color changes or loss of functionality are some of the inconveniences that may arise. La Tour has integrated encapsulation expertise and extensive sensory knowledge to create solutions that meet your requirements. Find in our portfolio encapsulated iron, thermo resistant vitamin C, caffeine and encapsulated taurine.

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