Fruits and Vegetables Ingredients

In recent years, there have been many developments of new products driven by health-conscious consumers who seek to satisfy their needs with food that tastes good and brings well-being to their bodies. Companies that incorporate fruits and vegetables into their brands are succeeding and preferred by customers.

Experience in encapsulation technologies and organoleptic expertise in flavors have allowed La Tour to develop dehydration techniques for fruits and vegetables that preserve the fresh taste, smell and natural color of the original plant material very well. We have dehydrated products in flakes or powder that will provide you with fruit or vegetable content, supplying the market’s needs in an adjusted way.

Dried Fruit

Due to its location, Colombia has more than 300 varieties of fruits with year-round supplies, from tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, banana to exotic fruits of the Amazon such as acai, guarana or araza. In La Tour’s complete portfolio of dehydrated fruits, you will find the best option to carry out your health and wellness projects:

FLAKEFRUIT® are 50% dehydrated pulp capsules, with the flavor, odor, and color similar to fruit, crunchy texture and size adjustable to each of the applications: beverages, cookies, fillings, baked goods, cereals.

FLAKEFRUIT® are concentrated fruit powders that provide pulp content and allow you to flavor your applications naturally.

Dehydrated Vegetables

Vegetable applications have increased significantly in recent years; there are more and more food and beverages with carrots, celery, spinach, and peppers, among others. The healthy trend and the association of vegetables with wellbeing make these products have a greater presence in the market.

FLAKEVEGGIE® is dehydrated vegetable capsules that preserve the characteristic taste, smell and color from the origin. You can find in our portfolio vegetables, greens and spices with excellent organoleptic and microbiological characteristics for use in any type of application.

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